Sob Ack! (Chibi Fun Zone)

Simon and Eric

Date Posted: August 8th, 2017, 10:36 pm

Author Notes

Eric's thoughts: Love is a funny thing. Its a mysterious (I know I forgot the "t") force that guides every living thing. I use to think that love was something I would never feel. But of course,...I was wrong. I felt an overpowering emotion that pulled me to you, but I never got too close. "What would you think of me" I use to wonder. You were my forbidden fruit, I never dared to sink my teeth into your existence. I bet you think I'm rather foolish to have had these thoughts, but they did fill (put the wrong word there, my goodness lol) my heart with unwanted sorrow. However, I did (again wrong word) take a bite (forgot the "e") of your fruit and you cured my heart. (I am tired sorry for the word errors)

Simon's thoughts: My feelings for you confuse me. When we are not near each other I feel a void, but when we are together I feel a lovely warmth. I love that warmth. When we touch, my heart beats so much that it startles me. Why are you the only one who has touched my heart? I dream of the day when my feelings for you start to show. I am scared that when that day comes I will fall endlessly (forgot the "ly") in love.

My poetry is strange lol. Anyway if you are confused there is a gardenia on their faces that is kind of in some water. Gardenia's (according to research) have a meaning of purity and sweetness. They also indicate secret love and they convey joy. I thought that was fitting for them, I was going to put my favorite flower, but– its a kind of two faced symbol which actually suits me XD anyway enjoy this random thing.


I love it!!! It's so cute <3
@AutumnWolf20: hehe :3